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New Balance Womens WX855 and Mens MX855.

Full Review of New Balance Shoes Womens WX855 and Mens MX855.


The New Balance 855 is available as a Women's Cross Trainer as the WX855WN and a Men's Cross Trainer as the MX855WN


Manufacturers Details
The New Balance 855 is a supportive and well-cushioned cross training shoe with top stability technology and excellent cushioning. It has good pronation control. The New Balance 855 features a soft, breathable leather and mesh uppers with a traditional lace-up.

The design features and materials provide optimal shock absorption and retention of its shape. The outsole provides slip-resistant, secure traction and durability. The perforated leather upper offers breathability and support.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews. Men's Version. 5 or 2 stars
The shoe is readily available online but is not so readily obtainable from the shops in a good range of sizes.


This is a very versatile cross training shoe.  It is very useful for doing squats and other types of weight training as the sole does not compress too readily.  Energy goes to the weights instead of being absorbed.


There is good cushioning for the forefoot and the heel.  It is also good for running walking and jumping.  These shoes have reflective areas on the front and the back.


Sweat dries  from these shoes rapidly making them a good choice for casual use all day on a hot summers day.


The shoes looks good and have a good lining material.


Tears in the leather. One Amazon purchaser reported that the shoes he purchased were quite prone to this.


The New Balance 855 is overall a good choice for a New Balance Cross Trainer
Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews. Women's Version. 5 or 4 stars


Pain free sneakers Very good shoes for anybody suffering from arch pain. For one reviewer her podiatrist recommended a cross training shoe from New Balance to help with  plantar facitis. She found after 4 months use that it eased the pain.

Another customer had this shoe recommended as this New Balance Cross Training Shoe has enough support to allow a normal life without pain

A customer was told by her podiatrist told to get model at least 800 or higher for the support


Very comfortable
I walk about 4 miles each morning and these are very comfortable
I exercise on concrete and this shoe absorbs shock great.
I like the "wideness" in the toe area.


The New Balance 855 is a good choice for overall support and for anybody with plantar facitis problems



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