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New Balance 608 Review of Mens Training Shoe.

Full Review of  New Balance Men's MX608 Training Shoe Product Description


Train like never before in New Balance's MX608 shoe. The upper features a sporty cut, while the padded collar and insole offer superior comfort. The rubber outsole is treaded for grip.


Product Description

At long last, a new & improved version of a New Balance classic! This updated version of the 608 features is a cross trainer with a leather upper, features ABZORB in the heel & forefoot for additional shock absorption. Stylish athletic shoes that provide long-wearing durability.


Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews


Good wide shoe

Good wide 4D width. Quality fine price reasonable


Large Shoes

I am lucky to be able to find shoes in size 16 on Amazon. My grandson is a big boy.


Not the same as the older version.


These are the MX-608's.. The old 608's were the best overall shoes I have ever owned. Loved the white / green scheme. These might not be constructed as well but still more than good enough for this price. And that's the key, buy at a good price and the shoes are well worth it.


Same old New Balance overall quality.


Great fit for my feet. Wasn't sure if I would like the black toe trim but works well. These are for my job. The black highlights don't show scuffs nearly as much. Put a lot of miles on my feet and I never have truly worn out a pair of NB's. Scuffed them beyond presentable for work but the shoe construction holds up well.


Bought some 602's recently, what a dog of a shoe. Just got a pair of MT-621's in last week, great shoe. Light and tight with a good design for the lace connections at the top of the tongue / side of the shoe. So I am familiar with new balance shoes. Been buying them for a while.
Price+Quality=Good buy.


Second pair of these shoes--really like them.


Ordered these because I had a pair, and liked them so well I wanted to get another pair. I like the shoes, and like the Amazon service.


Quality Comeback?

I've too have noticed a declining quality in New Balance trainers. This shoe snapped that trend. I carefully inspected the shoes and found no flaws in material or seams. They are well built and very comfortable. Maybe New Balance took the chorus of negative comments to heart and improved their QC. I absolutely will buy these again.


This shoe used to be good enough to recommend to friends

I have been shopping for a couple of pairs of the MX608 to give as a Christmas gift to someone who has been wearing that model for several years, but after finding out that the company has cheapened the design with faux materials ruined that plan. I wonder, can anyone recommend another shoe comparable to what the MX608 *used* to be?


Used to be a good shoe but now worthless
I've worn New Balance shoes for walking since the late '80s or early '90s. They lasted years. Last fall I bought a new pair that started to fall apart within a few months (since I haven't been taking daily walks for almost a year now, this was brought about merely by walking the dog and pushing a lawnmower around the yard). Another pair did the same thing, so I started hassling NB a couple of weeks ago. Told them the shoes looked like they had a bad sunburn, with a thin, rubbery white coating peeling and shedding from the synthetic foam underneath. It's completely gone from the toe and much of the sides. Where's the leather???

Reviewer researched and found that few athletic shoes are made of leather anymore, too expensive
The tip, vamp, entire heel area and the quarters of the MX608 are all leather. It is called split leather because it is "split away" from the top layer, which is called full grain. The 2-3 layers you can split away from that are called split leathers. The surface of the split is treated with a pu coating and painted. Splits are real leather.

Also known as bycast leather. "Bicast leather (also known as bycast leather, split leather or PU leather) is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed.
The mudguard area of the shoe is a synthetic material. This is the area along the sides directly above the midsole. If this area of the shoe is abrading, then what you are seeing could be the backing of the synthetic material which is made of compressed fibers.



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